Safelight Intern Program - Wendy McEntire

Uplifting Local Focus interview this morning with Safelight's new Job Training Program Director, Wendy McEntire. Her role, in large part, is to expand our employment referral relationships with Henderson County businesses. Through a structured educative process, Safelight interns develop a winning blend of practical skills and appreciation for teamwork. This preparation makes them ideal for companies that want to hire qualified candidates while also showing support for the community. To learn more, please contact Wendy McEntire at (828) 693-3840.

TeamWork WNC Interview - STEAM Studio

Riveting TeamWork WNC interview this morning with Dr. Rebecca Bruce and Brent Skidmore of UNC Asheville's STEAM Studio. Their innovative new program fosters cross-disciplinary teaching, learning, and collaboration with industry and community partners on the design and development of leading-edge technology. Fusing practical engineering principles with artistic vision helps equip students with essential career skills (e.g., critical thinking, cooperative engagement, goal attainment), and inspires important advancements in humanity's experience of life.

To learn more about STEAM Studio, please visit their website:

TeamWork WNC Interview - Shear Shack

Fabulous TeamWork WNC interview this morning with Christina Sullins-Robinson of Shear Shack in Asheville. As the salon's newest owner, she brings an energetic sense of focus and enthusiasm to its warmly subtle atmosphere. Known for excellent service quality and stylistic innovation since 1977, Shear Shack remains an archetype of entrepreneurial know-how.

To learn more, or to explore job opportunities, please visit their website:

Local Entrepreneurial Resources

Christina Sullins-Robinson (Shear Shack)

Christina Sullins-Robinson (Shear Shack)

TeamWork WNC Interview - UNC Asheville Department of Management and Accountancy

Brilliant TeamWork WNC interview this morning with Dr. Micheal Stratton, Chair of the Department of Management and Accountancy at UNC Asheville, Associate Editor of the Journal of Management Education, and Board Member of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society for Management Educators. Dr. Stratton holds tremendous appreciation for the innovative discoveries that can be made through critical thinking, reflective learning, and interdisciplinary collaboration. This approach helps students cultivate the intellectual tools needed to solve problems in economic, political, and social arenas from an analytically observant and creatively ambitious perspective.

To learn more about UNC Asheville's Department of Management and Accountancy, please visit their website:

Dr. Micheal Stratton (UNC Asheville)

Dr. Micheal Stratton (UNC Asheville)

TeamWork WNC Interview - Safelight Employment Referral Partner (Kanuga Conferences)

Sensational TeamWork WNC interview this morning with Kevin Manion (Resident Apprentice Program Coordinator) and Laura Moushey (Human Resources Director) of Kanuga Conferences. We discussed their organization's vibrant history, magnificent accommodations, cultural and environmental education opportunities, and vocational development resources. Equally important, we covered their leading-edge renovation project and ongoing support for community partnerships. As enthusiastic advocates of Safelight's intern program, Kanuga Conferences offers countless reasons to appreciate the quality of their hospitality and significance of their mission. To learn more, or to explore job openings, please visit them online:

To learn more about Safelight's intern program, and how your company can become an Employment Referral Partner, please contact Wendy McEntire at (828) 693-3840.

TeamWork WNC Interview - Greater Asheville Regional Airport Authority

Intriguing TeamWork WNC interview this morning with Tina Kinsey ~ Director of Marketing, Public Relations, and Air Service Development for the Greater Asheville Regional Airport Authority. With an enduring foundation of top-quality aviation management, strategic technical innovation, and masterful expansion planning, their contribution to the local economy is awe inspiring. To learn about career opportunities, please visit the Asheville Regional Airport website:

Tina Kinsey (GARAA)

Tina Kinsey (GARAA)

TeamWork WNC Interview - LRU Asheville Center for Graduate Studies

Enlightening TeamWork WNC interview this morning with Dr. Michael Dempsey, Dean and Director of Lenoir-Rhyne University's Center for Graduate Studies of Asheville. We discussed the unique history and purpose-driven culture that guides their commitment to educational excellence and adaptive career preparation. With an academic framework formed on liberal arts and sciences, their brand of practical analysis, self discovery, and community leadership serves as a launching ground for lasting prosperity. To learn more, or to schedule an individual campus tour, please visit the Lenoir-Rhyne University website:

Dr. Michael Dempsey (LRU)

Dr. Michael Dempsey (LRU)

TeamWork WNC Interview - AMOS

Motivating TeamWork WNC interview this morning with Anna Priest, Executive Director of the Asheville Museum of Science. Her organization inspires STEM knowledge through innovative onsite exhibits and interactive partnerships with educational institutions. From daylong field trips to college-level internships, there are many ways to support the Asheville Museum of Science in their mission to enhance our understanding of the world around us. And it is important because a continuously improving quality of life for Western North Carolina's future generations can only be achieved through environmental awareness and advanced career readiness.

To learn more about the Asheville Museum of Science:

Anna Priest (AMOS)

Anna Priest (AMOS)

TeamWork WNC Interview - UNC Asheville FBF

Educative TeamWork WNC interview this morning with Cindy Clarke (Executive Director) of the UNC Asheville Family Business Forum. Her organization provides interactive learning opportunities for family-owned companies to help them overcome challenges that are unique to their operational structures and managerial cultures. With an impressively diverse and highly accomplished network of members, it is clear that the UNC Asheville Family Business Forum delivers top-quality results. To learn more, please visit their website: